Bodybuilding Workout To Get Ripped

If you’re looking for a good bodybuilding workout to get you ripped, then you’ve come to the right place. This routine is also good for those who want to improve their fitness levels or who want to get in better shape.

Day One: Intense Cardio And Abs
On this day, choose any three cardio exercises and do each one for 5 minutes. Train at high intensity. This means if you do the bike machine, then pedal fast and if you walk on the treadmill, then do it at a brisk pace. A good group of exercises to do is to dance for five minutes, cycle for five minutes and jog or run for five minutes. The choice is up to you though.

For your ab workout, do three exercises for abs and perform as many reps as you can for each set. The total number of sets you’ll do for each exercise is nine (3 sets of each exercises).

Day Two: Upper Body
All of the exercises you’ll do will be with light weight and you’ll be doing tri-sets for each body part. The body parts you’ll train, and in order, are:

. Chest
. Shoulders
. Upper back
. Triceps
. Biceps

You’ll choose three exercises to do for your chest and perform them as tri-sets. You’ll do a total of 2 tri-sets for your chest and then you’ll move onto your shoulders and do the same things. In short, your workout looks like this:

. 2 tri-sets for each body part (do three exercises consecutively and rest for one tri-set)
. Use light weight
. Perform 12-15 reps per exercise

The above workout is the equivalent to doing 6 sets per body part, and it is intense.

Day Three: Legs
On this day, you’ll do three sets of the following exercises:

. Squats/10 reps
. Lunges/10 reps
. Leg curls (standing or seated)/10 reps
. Leg extensions/10 reps
. Calf raises/15-20 reps

Day Four: Rest
You won’t do anything on this day.

Day Five: Cardio, Abs And Upper Body
On this day, you’ll do the same workout as you did on day one and day two.

Day Six: Cardio, Abs And Legs
Do the same cardio workout or choose three different cardio exercises to do. You’ll also perform the same leg workout and ab workout.

Day Seven: Rest Day
You’ll rest on this day too.

Other Info
Make sure you do the above bodybuilding workout for 5-6 weeks. By the end of 5-6 weeks, you should have a more ripped physique.

If you take supplements to help you boost testosterone or a fat burner, then the results you can get from the above workout will be mind blowing. Give this workout routine a try and you’ll improve your fitness levels in no time.